Nana used to make this every Sunday before church. Still my fave!

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Deviled egg pasta salad is a fusion meal that has been a big favorite at my recent potlucks, so let's talk about it. For example, deviled eggs are a timeless classic that screams, "Hello, I'm here to be both retro and chic." In contrast, picnic pasta salad is like a blank canvas. When you mix the two, you get a modern take on an old favorite—ideal for times when you need to wow a large group with a delicious meal. If you're short on time but still want to wow at the neighborhood BBQ, this salad is perfect for those hectic weeknights or when you're feeling unprepared.
Juicy burgers, chicken kabobs, or smokey grilled veggies are perfect accompaniments to this creamy and zesty pasta salad. It goes well with a light and airy Caesar salad or even stands on its own with a serving of fresh, crusty bread.


Pasta Salad with Deviled Eggs — 8 Servings

Eight ounces of elbow macaroni or any little noodle type of your choice
6-Chopped, peeled hard-boiled eggs-One-third cup of mayonnaise
- Half a cup of sour cream
One tablespoon of mustard, either dijon or yellow, to taste
These ingredients call for sugar and apple cider vinegar.
half a teaspoon of paprika, plus more for topping.............


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