This simple candy recipe just requires two ingredients, a short cooking or microwave session, and then some chilling time in the fridge to set. It's also called condensed milk fudge. Any kind of chocolate will work, and it's the ideal base for toppings. Make some to enjoy as a snack on the way back to school, bring to a potluck or bake sale, or give as a Christmas gift. The flavor never fades, and it maintains its freshness for weeks.

Contents Table  Displayed on a white dish against a white backdrop is an open stack of chocolate fudge squares. 

Using just chocolate and condensed milk, this fudge recipe couldn't be easier.

An really tasty dish that calls for just two ingredients—condensed milk and chocolate—that you most likely already have on hand. I'm done!

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The rationale for preparing this dish
In terms of texture and taste, it has a deep chocolate flavor and is rich and creamy, melting in your tongue.
That you don't need a thermometer or any special expertise to make this fudge is its finest feature. It is as easy as melting, mixing, and chilling until solid.
Pleaser: we make this fudge all year round and switch up the ingredients for different seasons and events since it's always a hit with the crowd. It's perfect for the holidays, game night, picnics, potlucks, bake sales, and the back-to-school season. In addition, it is perfect for giving as a handmade hostess gift.


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