Recipe for beef tips with mushroom sauce

My spouse always starts by giving thanks to the Lord, and then he ends up almost licking his plate after I do this.

Beef Tips with Mushroom Sauce is a great dish to try your hand at home cooking. Moved by

This meal is a nod to the Southern American culinary heritage; it has succulent meat and earthy mushrooms.

served with a luscious sauce on top. Any family may enjoy this dish with a sense of comfort and contentment.


dinner or festive occasion.

Serving recommendations:

Complement the dish's rich tastes with side dishes that will elevate it.Spam with a velvety texture, steamed

A good foundation would be rice or egg noodles with a buttery flavor. Toss in some roasted carrots, steaming green beans, or a

a fresh salad dressed with a tart vinaigrette to round off the meal.


A recipe for mushroom sauce on top of beef tips:

Diced beef, either roasted or braised, weighing 2 pounds

2-Tbsp. of regular flour

1 chopped onion

Butter, three tablespoons



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